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Our excellent reputation with over 1,000 clients is reflected in many compliments we receive each year, some of which appear below.

"You've made our lives so much easier. We don't know what we would have done without you." Harriet Kraybill, Bow

"Thanks for caring for the pets and the house while we were away. It was nice to relax and be confident that everything was being taken care of at home." Tom and Chris Avallone, Concord

"Thank you for the excellent care you gave Quigley and LuLu and especially for dealing with all the last minute changes." Rosemary Couch, Bow

"Now we feel like we could get away on some weekends this summer more easily. Thanks again." Marsha & Mark Scheible, Bow

"We've never seen Rose so happy to see two people. She gets excited when we come home, but not like she does when you come to visit." Ned and Sally Helms, Concord