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Our Services

Daily services include
  • Feeding Letting Out and In (If needed)
  • Playtime/Exercise
  • Love & Affection
  • Cleaning Litterboxes
  • Adjusting Lights & Drapes
  • Collecting Mail & Newspapers
  • Watering Plants
  • Putting Out Trash
Attention Dog Owners

If you have a dog that is a senior citizen and requires mid-day medication or bathroom breaks;

Or if you have a puppy at the age where they need a break during the day to let off some of that pent-up energy,

Then let us provide you with:

Special service (rates based on individual needs) for those dogs who have a hard time making it through the day and for those owners whose busy schedules don't allow enough time for their dogs.

Extra services include *

  • Dog Washing
  • Pet Brushing
  • Mid-Day Letouts
*We are willing to discuss other pet and household services. Our rates are flexible and we cater to individual needs.